Interview Room Recorder, is designed to be simple and easy to use, with less than 10 minutes training, the operator can be recording his/her first case.

IR2(Interview Room Recorder) records each piece of the interview separately. Audio, Video, and Notes are married together in our player synced and in real-time. This allows each piece to be entered as evidence and if any piece is challenged, the other parts can remain admissible.

Video Quality and Recording

  • Record cameras at any resolution including Analog, Standard Definition, High Definition, and 4K.
  • Network based cameras allow use in surveillance system as well.
  • Record at 30 frames per second
  • Up to 4 cameras can be recorded per room.
  • Additional rooms/cameras require second system
  • Each camera is recorded separately in parallel.
  • Simple 2 clicks begins a recording.
  • Remote Control Wall Plate Add-On Available


  • Recorded audio is discreet, and uses professional quality microphone.
  • Recordings are in MP3 format for easy portability.
  • Warnings when low or no audio is detected from the microphone.


  • Timestamped notes are easily created by a single click or hitting the tab button.
  • Special notes can be flagged for important parts.

Export and Portability

  • Export evidentiary copy’s of cases to multiple media types.
  • Export compressed(mp4) copy of cases to multiple media types.