Had any experience with limitations of current technology in use today?

Poor video quality? IR2 records in HD 720p, 1080p and 4K + resolutions.
Poor audio quality? IR2 records DVD quality audio from studio quality microphones.
Need a 12 hour interview? IR2 can record cases of almost limitless length.
Need to make forensic copies? IR2 files are forensic / binary duplicates of the originals.
Case too big for a DVD? IR2 is smart and will span the interview across multiple discs.
Product difficult to operate? IR2 was designed with active duty officer’s input.
Need to send audio only? IR2 records the audio in MP3 format as a stand-alone file.
Does audio fall out of sync? IR2 synchronizes Video, Audio and Notes during playback.
Missing that needed feature? JDS is accepting feature requests for future versions.
Need a surveillance package? JDS has complete solutions for facility security. More info

IR2 was built to overcome the shortfall of traditional recording systems. We have spent years developing and defining this solution. More information can be found here.

Direct MP4 Integration with IR2 Version 2 coming in 2017.