Recordings play without additional software.
Case sharing is is a simple file copy.

Had any experience with limitations of current technology in use today?

Record custodial interviews from up to 4 angles in High Definition and beyond.
Records directly to MP4 file format without quality loss.
Is your case too big for a DVD? IR2 is smart and will span large interviews across multiple discs.
Need a 12 hour interview? IR2 can record cases of almost limitless length.
Experiencing poor video quality? IR2 records in HD 720p, 1080p and 4K+ resolutions.
Poor audio quality? IR2 records DVD quality audio from studio quality microphones.
Need to make forensic copies? IR2 files are forensic / binary duplicates of the originals.
Is your current product difficult to operate? IR2 was designed with active duty officer’s input.
Remote participation Client (RPC) allows users to participate in a live interview from remote locations.
Missing that needed feature? JDS is accepting feature requests for future versions.
Need a surveillance package? JDS has complete solutions for facility security. More info

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